Unborn 8.0 White Pointer Durmmels

"I think Mats Hummels is a human being every straight man will become gay for."
— me

Welcome to Borussia Dortmund, guys!

"Ich weiß, dass ich jetzt nicht abheben darf."

Erik vor zirka zwei Monaten

Ich brauch’s gerade einfach.

200 new follower in the last three days. Amazing!Thank you. :)

200 new follower in the last three days. Amazing!
Thank you. :)

where is the shy boy I love? :(

mats hummels + world cup trophy

my champion ♥

Anonym asked: "Can you be a doll & translate the "is Erik religious" question. I don't know any German, but I think I understood that. If it's too much for you it's fine, tho. No worries. :)"

Of course. :)

Question: Are you a religious person?
Erik: Yes.
Question: Meaning what exactly?
Erik: I believe in God. And have my little rituals. When I walk on the pitch I cross myself. Those are things I just feel well with. Believing in God makes me more confident. It has always been like that, and I wanted to show this with my tattoo.
Question: Do you plan ahead or believe in fate.
Erik: That’s a tough one. I do like to plan ahead, but am comfortable to throw this plans out of the window. I’m relaxed in that area.

Erik kissing and lifting the cup. ( requested by anon)